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Olympus rotary screen printing technology attracts high-end label market

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core tip: boxmeyer, the Netherlands, June 26, 2017: Olympus print group, a high-end non drying label supplier headquartered in Leeds, UK, is experiencing the test of increasing demand for rotary screen printing effects, Especially for personal care and wine brand products

[China Packaging News] boxmeyer, the Netherlands, June 26, 2017: Olympus print group, a high-end self-adhesive label supplier headquartered in Leeds, UK, is experiencing the test of increasing demand for rotary screen printing effects, especially for personal care and wine brand products

by applying RSI (rotary screen printing unit) displacement screen printing unit of spgprints and rotamesh nickel of reproducible version on Nilpeter FA-4 printing machine, combined with UV flexo, Olympus print group has reduced the workload of the whole process by at least 40%, with significant cost-effectiveness. This process can print ink layer thickness up to 250 μ M varnish, with a relatively high speed to produce a high value-added effect

"in the early days of the company, rotary screen printing technology has been used in home and personal care products, and has always been a strong support for our work portfolio." Adrian brown, managing director of Olympus print group, said, "now, brands in other industries, especially the wine industry, are gradually designating this process, and gradually realize that it can effectively achieve high-end positioning."

with the increasing demand for decoration, it is required to cover the brand name or iconic features of the label with a thickness of more than 150 μ M gloss, so as to enhance the vividness and texture of the underlying flexographic printing pattern. Other screen printing effects also include a label free appearance, a gloss layer that requires maximum thickness coverage and has a rough or soft touch, Braille dots, and tactile warning triangles. The latter will be printed on-line to the existing graphics, so as to avoid the end user getting on the machine twice

in addition to personal care and wine, Olympus also provides labels for home care, spirits and gift markets in the UK, continental Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. Olympus has a number of nubotai FA-4 UV flexographic printing machines, which are equipped with RSI screen printing units of spgprints. Thanks to the interchangeability of screen printing units, flexo and screen printing units can be interchanged at any stage. The printing production line can not only print up to 10 colors, but also be equipped with high-value processes, such as hot pressing, embossing, cold pressing and turnover frame (wiring). In addition, the company has the most advanced open factory covering an area of 55000 square feet, and the factory also has the function of digital ink-jet printing

spgprints' rotamesh wire can provide reliability assurance and controllable cost. Rotamesh wire is a non-woven nickel structure using electroforming process, with hexagonal holes, which can bear the external force operation and repeated plate making of key new materials imported from abroad at a high price every year

"usually, we will repeat plate making for rotamesh silk up to 8 times. In view of the high demand for this process, in the long run, long-life silk can save a lot of consumable costs. This enhances our competitiveness in providing high-quality label solutions and makes our customers' brands different." Brown said so

every week, Olympus prepress team will use the traditional fire door testing machine supporting equipment prepress equipment to carry out about 50 silk plate operations

"brands need to maintain competitiveness through differentiation and continuous appreciation." Brown concluded, "we maintain our competitiveness through continuous innovation, efficient work, reducing waste of time and materials, and delivering high-quality products with high cost performance. In the process of fulfilling this mission, nubotai and spgprints have provided us with technology and support and made great contributions."


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