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Omega launched csi32 series of high-precision small desktop controllers

Omega recently launched the latest product csi32 Series in its desktop controller product line

csi32 series is the latest product in Omega desktop controller product line. They are composed of 1/32din size (96x48mm) digital disk mounted controller and rugged metal desktop shell. The controller used is Omega's award-winning and patented iSeries controller, which is equipped with a magic color display. ISeries instruments have a unique LED display that can be programmed to change the color to green, amber, and red at any set point or alarm point. Other optional functions include serial communication interface. These controllers can be configured by the manufacturer when supplied to accept one or more RTD types or process (DC) voltage and current of 10 common types of thermocouples. They are very suitable for laboratory use and applications that require portable temperature and process control devices. The pre wired input and output sockets are located at the rear of the housing. Through these sockets, you can quickly connect to the power supply, input signal, power output and digital communication interface

csi32 series high-precision small desktop controller

omega proprietary series high-precision micro desktop controller adopts Omega's award-winning patented iSeries series controller

iseries is a full-function PID controller with automatic tuning function. It can also be programmed for on/off control by using the front panel or PC and free configuration software. ISeries configuration software is designed to interface with any iSeries controller and csi32 series desktop controller with optional communication hardware

about Omega

since its establishment in 1962, Omega has grown from a manufacturer that only produces a single product line, which is unavoidable - the manufacturer of thermocouples has grown into a leading manufacturer in the technology market worldwide, providing more than 100000 kinds of experimental machines for measuring and controlling temperature, humidity, pressure, stress, and flow. According to the maximum bearing capacity of experimental materials, the maximum experimental force is the measuring range, liquid level Advanced products of pH and conductivity. Omega also provides customers with complete data acquisition, electric heating and customized design products

omega caused one end of the sample to be related to the other end, resulting in rotation. Engineering was acquired by spectris in September, 2011, and became one of its subsidiaries. At present, Omega's branch in China is subordinate to Shanghai spectris Instrument System Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch

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