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The diene yield of Shanghai Petrochemical olefin unit ranks first in a row

the diene yield of No. 2 ethylene unit of Shanghai Petrochemical olefin division ranks first among the five ethylene units of the group for four consecutive months, and the single month output has hit a record high for two consecutive months. In the "labor competition of technical and economic indicators" carried out by Shanghai Petrochemical, the completion rate of indicators of the Ministry has reached 100% for four consecutive months

in view of important technical and economic indicators such as diene yield, processing loss and comprehensive energy consumption, the Ministry, on the basis of the considerable progress made in the "benchmarking" management activities last year, carried out an in-depth activity of "learning to catch up with the help and surpass, and the" benchmarking "will also show other uses of aramid composites and strive to challenge the advanced level," hold up the flag again and take the lead "

aiming to improve the technical and economic indicators and expand the total amount of ethylene, the Department has made great efforts in the optimization of raw materials, production and transportation, which are the window period of the transformation of China's automotive industry, and fine management. Seizing the golden season of ethylene production, the functional departments of the division reasonably adjusted the original temperature or the material structure with the trend of temperature rising after reaching the fixed value of 1, and introduced No. 1 refined light hydrocarbon, No. 2 aromatic dry gas, No. 4 aromatic hydrocarbon, jindihe storage and transportation LPG, as well as light raw materials such as hydrocarbon 5 of the Chemical Institute as cracking raw materials, so as to find a good "source" for high production

in order to improve the yield of diene, all propane produced in the new and old areas of No. 2 olefin unit is used as cracking raw materials, and light naphtha is cracked separately to achieve precise control of the cracking depth. In view of the bottleneck in production, the operation optimization is strengthened. On the basis of optimizing and adjusting the process system, strengthen the management of flare gas, monitor the emission, sample and analyze the flare gas twice a week, and timely stop, repair and replace the safety valve and regulating valve with internal leakage, so as to avoid the loss of ethylene propylene and make the loss rate lower than the index value for many months

at the same time, we should pay attention to using advanced technology to optimize the operation of the unit and improve the yield of diene. Use Spyro simulation software to optimize the operating conditions of cracking furnace and give full play to the optimal performance of inferior raw materials. The application and continuous improvement of the advanced control system also optimized the operating conditions of the cracking furnace and improved the yield of diene

the goal of No.2 olefin diene yield in 2010 is 46.3%. From January to April, the average yield of No.2 olefin diene reached 46.67%, of which 46.97% was achieved in February. The crazy yield of double 11 has been at the "top" of Sinopec's five ethylene plants for four consecutive months

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