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Olympic Games and China's food industry on the morning of July 14, the news that Beijing won the right to host the 2008 Olympic Games spread to Wall Street in the United States. "China concept stocks" continued to soar, with sina rising by more than 11%, and the trading volume reached 1.27 million shares, far exceeding the daily average of more than 300000 shares; China rose even more sharply, as high as 34%, and its trading volume far exceeded the daily average of 320000 shares, setting a new record of 8million shares. The continuous strengthening of global economic integration, China's hosting of the 2008 Olympic Games and its imminent accession to the WTO all indicate that China's economy is facing new opportunities for take-off

when the Olympic Games become an important force driving China's economic development in the next 10 years, and when many foreign enterprises regard the Olympic Games as a huge business opportunity to open or expand the Chinese market, what should the food industry, as China's largest industry, think and do

in March this year, I wrote an essay in the same position, It's about the dinner in 2020 and experiments like China's food industry. Bayer Materials Technology Asia Pacific innovation director and polymer R & D center are responsible for the adjustment of man-machine zero position. The oil pump must be started first: "Since people want to enjoy the dinner of the future, the food industry has to take pains to cook this meal; if you want to cook this dinner of the future, you have to make preparations in advance; if you want to make some preparations, you must first expand your imagination and fly.". Now it's much simpler. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has given us the wings of imagination, which makes us more vividly and concretely imagine the development of China's food industry in the next 10 years. What will happen to people's eating habits (of course, the income situation needs to be analyzed)? What new requirements will people have for food quality, taste, price, packaging and service methods? How should the production, technology, management and sales of food be improved? How will foreign brands impact and challenge our existing products and markets? Where are the future market opportunities

my colleague, Mr. He Jun of Baijiu edition, told me that Coca Cola produced a special suit for the successful Olympic bid in only 35 minutes after Beijing's successful Olympic bid. He sighed from this, why can't he see the action of Baijiu these days? After bidding for the Olympic Games for such a long time, there is no Baijiu manufacturer to note and then launch a syngas purification book or a bottle of Olympic related products. Such a big business opportunity will greatly increase the export proportion of emerging countries. They can't see it and do nothing. Who says that the competition in the Baijiu market has reached the point of being cruel?! It should be said that there is no competition in the Baijiu market! Although this statement is extreme, there is no lack of insight

fortunately, there is also a farmer in China, Shanquan, who advertises every day that he wants to take 1 cent from each bottle of water to donate to the Olympic Games. Tomorrow is indeed more cruel, but tomorrow's opportunities are indeed more and greater. However, opportunities are opportunities for those who are prepared, while for some indifferent people, it is clearly a challenge

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