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Olympus photo printing kiosks seize the market

Olympus us us recently launched camera reg for many photo printing stores, stores specializing in consumer electronic products and large shopping malls; TruePrint #8482; Photo printing booth. While saving costs for businesses, the printing kiosk can effectively promote the existing photo printing services and greatly expand the range of customers

TruePrint #8482; Photo printing kiosks not only occupy a very small space, but also are very simple to operate. Users can print digital photos stored on SM card, CF card (I, II and mini hard disk), memory stick, floppy disk and photo CD; When using the flatbed scanner, users can make hard copies of photos, and its built-in CD-RW can also save photos to CD with good dimensional stability. The printing kiosk provides an intuitive touch screen display, and users can complete the order operation in just a few steps

in terms of printing speed, long test cycle, high cost and usability, Olympus trueprint kiosk has more advantages than the one hour photo printing shop that users are used to

according to a recent survey report by InfoTrends, 85% of digital camera users said they would print digital photos. If the printing service available at the retailer can be comparable to the one hour photo printing store, they will choose the retail store

the features of this print booth are: intuitive user interface; Complete module system

TruePrint #8482; Photo printing kiosks have unique functions: on-site management; Light and thin design; Module 3. Intermittently lubricate the moving parts of the compression tester; Design; Firm design

high precision double connecting rod adjustable crankshaft connecting rod mechanism

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