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The Brazilian Olympic Games use a new panel of 8K display to enter the field of vision

the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in Brazil has been opened on August 6, Beijing time. Unlike the previous Olympic Games, the Brazilian Olympic Games has achieved the world's first 8K live broadcast. During the Olympic Games, Brazil universal television adopted 98 inch 8K Ultra HD TV in the landmark building Brazil tomorrow Museum, which is the first time Brazil has used 8K display screen to broadcast live events. This kind of LCD panel is produced by Chinese panel enterprise BOE (BOE)

on the second day of the release of the new national standard ▲ Brazil 8K TV

another news about 8K comes from Japan NHK TV. It is reported that NHK has begun to pilot 8K "Ultra HD" TV programs on August 1, including the just opened Rio Olympics in Brazil. According to the plan, NHK will broadcast the opening and closing ceremonies of the Rio Olympic Games live with 8K image quality, and broadcast swimming, track and field and other competitions. NHK also strives to start broadcasting 8K programs on BS satellite channels in 2018 and achieve popularization in the year of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

▲ Japanese 8K TV

at present, in addition to BOE's active deployment of 8K panel lines, including material development and innovation, production process development and innovation, and product utilization and development innovation, domestic upstream enterprises, China Hisense and Changhong, have launched 8K UHD TVs in the first half of this year. The data of IHS, a consulting company, shows that by 2019, 1.4 million 8K TVs will be sold worldwide and then adjusted according to the method of 3. Driven by the Tokyo Olympic Games, this number will increase to 2.1 million by 2020

up to now, 4K and 8K TV program resources are still relatively scarce in China, and they may not be popularized even by 2020. Although the global 8K TV market is expected to be boosted by the Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan, the Chinese market may grow slowly

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