The hottest Olympic village actively uses biodegra

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The Olympic village actively uses biodegradable plastic bags

the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology actively implements the concept of Green Olympics, science and technology support the goal of efficient and environmental protection of the Beijing Olympics, so we see that Nokia N8 and iPod touch 5th have colorful and optional realization

in order to promote the application of biodegradable plastics in the Olympic Games in a planned and step-by-step way, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission has formulated the screening principles of biodegradable plastics products; In cooperation with the degradable plastics professional committee of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, three industry standards were drafted, including the definition, classification, labeling and degradable performance requirements of degradable plastics, degradable plastic garbage bags and degradable plastic commodity retail packaging bags; According to the statistics, the demand for degradable plastic bags used in the Olympic village is more than 5 million in 7 specifications; The procurement process and product quality management control procedures have been established

at present, the production enterprises of biodegradable plastic products have been selected, and the biodegradable plastic bags used in the Olympic village have entered the final procurement stage. The products randomly sampled from the production line are tested according to the current international highest standards, and the products from the product composition to the use performance are checked layer by layer and strictly assessed, so as to ensure that the products of biodegradable plastic bags are inspected and sticky at the same time. The oil delivery valve is becoming increasingly stringent with the energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection policies

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