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Omar Garbo is in an era of opportunities and challenges

in 2008, the financial storm triggered by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis quickly swept the world. Due to the process of economic globalization, the relevance and dependence of national economies are increasing. At present, the global real economy is affected to varying degrees. China is a large emerging developing country, and the three decades of reform and opening up have further improved its gross national product and comprehensive national strength. In order to protect the achievements of economic development and reduce the impact of the international financial crisis on China, in early November, the central government issued a series of policies and measures to expand domestic demand, and will invest 4trillion yuan in the next two years to expand domestic demand and promote growth. It also includes investment in the power industry. The State Grid Corporation of China and the southern power company will increase investment in power transformation and expansion in western cities and urban and rural areas. This brings new opportunities to the power equipment manufacturing industry

since mankind entered the era of electricity, electricity production has become the basic guarantee of economic development. For more than a century, European power technology and equipment suppliers have made outstanding contributions to the development of global electrification, leading the development direction and trend of global electrical technology. As one of the world's leaders in the manufacturing of medium voltage distribution equipment, Ormazabal group was conceived in this European land. Founded in 1967 in Spain, omazabal group focuses on developing, manufacturing and selling switchgear, transformers, substations and various automatic protection equipment used in medium voltage primary and secondary distribution networks. In the past few decades, Ormazabal group has developed into a multinational enterprise group with branches and subsidiaries on five continents in the world. In 2004, through the merger and acquisition of the global medium voltage business of German FG company, which was founded in 1874, the position of omazabal group in the field of medium voltage products was further strengthened. At the same time, it also means that the strength of omazabal group in the Chinese market has been further enriched

omazabal group attaches great importance to the Chinese market and has gradually increased its investment in China in recent years. The group has two wholly-owned enterprises in China, namely, Omar Garbo (Zhuhai) switchgear Co., Ltd. and Omar Garbo enroute (Beijing) Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Among them, AUMA Garbo (Zhuhai) switchgear Co., Ltd., formerly known as FG (China) Electric Co., Ltd., was founded in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province in 1991. It is the first German owned enterprise in China, and has provided high-quality products and services to the Chinese power market for 17 years; Omaka Baoan Ruiji (Beijing) Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., formerly known as Beijing anruiji Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 1994, has made outstanding contributions to the power construction of the capital Beijing and surrounding areas for many years. In 2008, Omar Garbo Ormazabal group increased its investment, from 50% of its joint venture 6. It can realize the participation of samples with different installation methods to complete 100% of the shares, making it another wholly-owned company of Omar Garbo Ormazabal group in China, which shows that the group attaches importance to the North China market

omazabal mainly produces and sells 24kV, 12 kvsf6 fully sealed, fully insulated ring switchgear GA series and expandable gae Series in China; 10/0.4 kV box type substation and cgm-cgc series unit combined gas insulated switchgear up to 40.5kV

in order to strengthen product quality, the company has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification of TV, a German authoritative certification company famous for its strictness; Every year, the group sends technicians from its European headquarters to China to guide relevant work, understand the latest demand and development trend of China's power market, and domestic employees also go to its European headquarters for training and learning from time to time; The company strictly controls the quality, from the incoming material inspection, all production processes, delivery inspection, every link is checked layer by layer. At the same time, the company always focuses on customers, understands and meets customers' current and future needs, and strives to exceed customers' expectations. Therefore, the company's products can meet various needs of customers in design, and the scheme is flexible. The company's designers can provide scheme design and technical consultation according to the requirements of customers and the actual situation on site. During the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the after-sales service personnel are ready to provide any help at any time, and the after-sales service opened 24 hours will eliminate doubts and solve difficulties for users

meticulous production links and all-round services have made the company's products stand the test of time and various environments. In 1986, Omar Garbo group introduced the ring switchgear to Chinese Mainland for the first time and installed it in Shenzhen Shuibei industrial zone. Adhering to the precise design and high-quality technology of Germany, the product has been successfully operated for 22 years, effectively saving the cost of equipment maintenance and product renewal for customers, and meeting the requirements of high efficiency, energy saving and high input-output ratio in the new era

in 2005, Wuzhou, Guangxi Province, experienced a flood, and some substations were in danger of power failure due to the flood. The AUMA Jiabao SF6 fully sealed and fully insulated medium voltage ring cabinet used in the distribution equipment was flooded, with a water depth of more than 4 meters, but the equipment still operated normally underwater to ensure the normal operation of the power supply network. During the flood, the after-sales service personnel of Omar Garbo rushed to the site in time to assist in on-site maintenance guidance. After the flood recedes, the sludge is removed, and the product operates normally after switching on

the high-quality products and services have won the affirmation and trust of customers. The company has continuously received letters of praise and flags from customers, and has won the title of "excellent product and service supplier" awarded by a power supply bureau. Its products are widely used in China's key engineering projects, including: Tian'anmen Square, the Great Hall of the people, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower TV Tower, the National Stadium Bird's nest, water cube, Daya Bay nuclear power station, Guangzhou University Town Capital Times Square, Hilton Hotel, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, etc

success comes from persistence and dedication. The 17 year growth process of omazabal in China benefits from the great historical opportunity of 30 years of China's reform and opening up, and more importantly, its unremitting efforts. Over the past 17 years, the performance of omazabal in China has continued to grow, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20% in recent years, and has won the award of "top 10 growth forces in China's electrical industry" for two consecutive years in 2007 and 2008. As of 2007, the development focus of rigid polyurethane materials in the world has begun to shift to China. Many of these alloys are sold in the market as ABS, and the medium voltage secondary distribution equipment of remazabal company ranks among the top three in China's market share. In the case of such impressive performance, on the one hand, the company conscientiously fulfilled its due obligation to pay taxes in accordance with the law - Omar Jiabao (Zhuhai) switchgear Co., Ltd. has been awarded the title of "Zhuhai A-level taxpayer" for many times; On the other hand, in order to minimize the impact of liquid on the stiffness of the whole machine, the enterprise not only pursues its own development, but also takes on a noble society. In the face of the tsunami in Southeast Asia and the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, it actively donates money and materials to the disaster areas, and donates medium voltage distribution equipment to the Sichuan power supply company to help the disaster areas recover and rebuild

the current international financial crisis is impacting the real economy, and many enterprises are being affected more or less. However, under the severe situation, Ormazabal sees more opportunities for development. In order to reduce the impact of the international financial crisis on China, the country has increased investment. There is strong demand in the power industry market. This is the time for us to participate in the construction and contribute to it

opportunities belong to those who are prepared. In the future, Ormazabal will continue to increase its production investment in existing products and further expand its product line for the Chinese market. No matter how the world economy changes, Ormazabal people will make unremitting efforts for the development of China's power industry with full enthusiasm and strong confidence, with excellent products and better services

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