The hottest Olympic mascots are packed in Wenzhou

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Olympic mascots: Wenzhou came to "pack"

last night, the Olympic mascots that attracted the attention of the public opened the mystery. Before that, a mascot economic war had long been launched. Wenzhou enterprises strengthened the scientific management and utilization of plastic packaging and successfully won the production task of some mascots' outer packaging. Yesterday afternoon, I saw in Jinniu industry and Trade Co., Ltd. that, authorized by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, the enterprise is busy sending more than 100000 sets of customized wooden boxes for the Olympic mascots to all parts of the country, and mascot handicrafts are also being stepped up production

what is the new material industry today? Since, 28 licensed commodity retail stores and more than 160 temporary sales points across the country have started selling licensed commodities of the Olympic mascot series, mainly including toys, clothing, bags, stationery, precious metal commemorative badges, badges and other nearly 300 kinds of commodities. It is predicted that the profit of Beijing Olympic mascots may exceed US $300million

in order to discuss the detailed delivery process of mascots with relevant personnel of BOCOG, ye Liang, general manager of "Taurus" did not sleep the night before yesterday. He told me: "The Olympic business opportunity is once in a century, and we have prepared for it for threeorfour years, from outer packaging to handicraft processing and terminal sales. Entrusted by China Gold Coin Corporation and China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation, we have customized a large number of outer packaging orders for precious metal commemorative medallions, and also obtained the processing and wholesale production rights of many mascot handicrafts. At the same time, the China gold coin Zhejiang franchise direct sales center located at Wenzhou Station Avenue has also become the Olympic mascot terminal Franchised retail outlets for sales. " In recent days, the company has been working overnight for several consecutive days to complete the Olympic order task. Yesterday, the company also sent staff to Beijing to get the Olympic mascots as soon as possible, and will meet with Wenzhou citizens in the past two days

according to a person in the gift industry in Wenzhou, nearly a thousand gift enterprises in our city are also actively "preparing for war" and trying to find Olympic business opportunities

information source: Wenzhou

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