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The Olympic Games need 28billion yuan of paint, and the high-quality environmental protection paint industry will usher in a rare development opportunity

the Olympic Games need 28billion yuan of paint, and the high-quality environmental protection paint industry will usher in a rare development opportunity

September 5, 2002 reading volume such as experimental temperature, experimental speed, experimental force, sample size, experimental time, etc.: Source: unknown | contribution

recently, the construction land of Olympic venues officially began to be demolished, It indicates that the construction of Olympic venues has entered the express

lane. In the next few years, the construction related to the Olympic Games will drive the continuous warming of the construction industry, and the related high-quality environmental protection coating industry will usher in a rare development opportunity

the application rate of exterior wall decoration will be greater than 60%

at present, the annual output of architectural coatings in China is more than 1.3 million tons, making China the third largest producer of architectural coatings in the world after the United States and Japan. We sincerely look forward to working with you to build a great deal of architectural coatings. According to the prediction of the development speed of China's construction and building materials industry, the annual output of architectural coatings in China will reach 1.8 million tons by 2005, an increase of 38% over 1.3 million tons in 1999, and the application rate in exterior wall decoration will be greater than 35%; By 2015, it is estimated that the annual output of architectural coatings in China will reach 3million tons, which is 1.66 times that of 2005. The application rate of

in exterior wall decoration is more than 60%

it is estimated that in the first 10 years of this century, architectural coatings will mainly develop in the direction of high-performance, environmental protection and antibacterial function. Among them, the development focus of exterior wall coatings is to meet the needs of exterior wall decoration of high-rise buildings, and water emulsion coatings with high weather resistance, high stain resistance, high color retention and low toxicity. It is worth paying attention to that domestic and foreign coating enterprises are competing to develop the new coating product organic fluorocarbon resin. Its weather resistance is more than 15 to 20 years, which meets the higher requirements of high-rise buildings, public buildings and municipal engineering decoration protection. It is a new coating product with very broad market prospects and high technical content. Secondly, there are crosslinked acrylic series high elastic emulsion paint and so on

the development of interior wall coatings focuses on green coatings that are suitable for health, environmental protection and safety, including water-based coatings, green environmental protection and antibacterial interior wall emulsion paint, etc. In addition, fire prevention, anti-corrosion, anti carbonization, thermal insulation and other

building functional coatings and related supporting technologies and materials are also very promising, and they are also the main development potential of Nanjing's industrial transformation and upgrading. These new architectural coatings are in line with the concept of "Green Olympics" in Beijing and will be greatly welcomed by users and the market

28billion yuan of Olympic paint space

according to the relevant experts of the Olympic Organizing Committee, the construction materials of the Olympic venues must meet the requirements of three aspects. First, the materials provided by building materials enterprises to the Olympic venues must be green and environmentally friendly, and must be able to be recycled and reused; Second, in order to be in line with international standards, the most advanced building materials should be used in the construction of Olympic facilities; Third, we should pay attention to the research and development of sound insulation and energy-saving materials. This kind of material will be widely used in the future Olympic village.

relevant data show that among the huge investment of about 280billion yuan in Beijing in the next seven years,

closely related to the business opportunities of building materials are: 90billion yuan for the construction of subway, light rail, expressway and airport, and more than 14 billion dollars of the total investment in Olympic venues and facilities, There are more than 9 million square meters of dilapidated houses in the urban area to be reconstructed within five years. What is the concept of the 280billion yuan

engineering quantity for the coating industry? According to relevant experts, generally speaking, the paint in the construction project budget is close to 10%, so the paint business opportunity of the Beijing Olympic Games will be about 28billion yuan

fireproof paint is blank in China

in recent years, China has introduced more than 30 construction coating production lines from abroad, 6 The automatic storage of experimental data and experimental conditions has played a great role in promoting the adjustment of the variety structure of architectural coatings in China and the improvement of quality, and gradually established the brand image of domestic coatings. It can be seen from the test report of Quanwei testing agency that domestic coatings are not inferior to imported coatings in terms of rational indicators, so as long as the quality is good, the possibility of domestic coatings winning in the competition is still great. For example, Beijing Nami

Technology Development Co., Ltd. will launch high weather resistant pigment paste, anti-aging colloid, special rubber waterproof sealing adhesive

belt and nano modified high-performance coating, which have the characteristics of pollution resistance, antibacterial, high temperature resistance and no discoloration. The products have been well praised after being applied in the Capital Gymnasium of the Olympic bid model project

however, as an international sports event, the construction of Olympic venues should also be in line with international standards, and the building materials used must reach international standards. In the production of some special-purpose building materials, we still have a certain gap compared with foreign countries. According to the relevant personage of the Olympic Organizing Committee, with the enhancement of China's economic strength, some steel

structure buildings will be advocated. Many Olympic venues will adopt this structure, which requires that in addition to providing high-quality steel, the construction department should also introduce and develop various supporting materials. Taking fire-proof materials as an example, at present, only coatings are used for steel structure construction in China. This kind of paint can't compare with the fire-proof paint widely used abroad at present, either in terms of fire-proof effect or aesthetics. In the expansion project of Beijing Capital Airport, the

used in the fire protection treatment of our steel structure buildings are imported fire-proof paints. Now, the effect is very good in all aspects. However, because there is no such material in China, and

and less imported, the fire department cannot promote this new material. This is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for the domestic coating enterprises

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