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Weibo: a brand-new enterprise marketing window

as early as when Weibo was not in power, many entrepreneurs opened official blogs on Weibo, using this platform as a window for enterprise publicity and brand promotion. With the advent of the second era and micro economy, Weibo users have exploded, and Weibo is leading the development of Internet services in China with a high-speed growth trend. In 2010, microblogging mushroomed, and the four major portals opened microblogging, which quickly became a potential network marketing tool. According to the relevant public data, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. now tells you the relevant distinction. As of January 2010, the product has been popular all over the world. The person in charge also said that there are 75million registered users. As a tool of interaction and rapid dissemination, Weibo has become another platform recognized by entrepreneurs after blog due to its short number, wide population and fast dissemination speed

take "jitongbao", the leader of today's e-commerce, as an example. The inter station Tongbao under Zhejiang jitongtianxia Technology Co., Ltd. is an open Internet entrepreneurship platform that complements the advantages of traditional small and medium-sized enterprises. It has millions of registered users and tens of millions of data. As a company founded less than three years ago, how to reach a daily visitor volume of more than one million is well known by the majority of users, and Weibo plays a decisive role as a marketing tool

spent a long time trying to study the Internet marketing method of jitongbao, and summed up some methods to maximize the marketing effect of Weibo

the microblogging platform is like a small society, everyone has his own ideological personality. The speech of bimashi flexible packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. touched on the latest sterile packaging technology and solutions for medical devices. They choose to pay attention to some people or block some people according to their preferences. So if obvious advertisements are implanted in Weibo, it will affect the eyes of those who pay attention to you to a certain extent. The ultimate goal of the enterprise is to let more people know about their company and products, and they want to implant their own advertisements into Weibo. However, with the rapid development and popularity of the Internet, simple and direct advertisements have been unable to escape the eyes of viewers. Therefore, most of the soft advertisements on Weibo now require human operation to achieve certain results. The implanted advertising content needs to be more creative and the method needs to be more hidden, so that it is possible to achieve the effect of word of mouth and repeated reprint. The embedded advertisements should be hidden in the invisibility as far as possible so that Weibo users can't find them or find them after reading them. Such advertisements not only enable users to achieve the purpose of promotion, but also won't make users feel negative and cancel their attention

in addition, Weibo marketing can capture some hot spots. Pay attention to the most popular events in the current society or industry, and find a fit with advertising, which is a perfect combination. Such information is easy to receive attention and acceptance. However, every hot spot has several stages of growth, climax and calming down. The best time period is the hot events in the growth process. You can't wait for the hot spots to subside before writing an article. At that time, there is basically no new idea, and users can't have much fun. A good Weibo can be accepted and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so there will be a lot of comments and forwarding. Users with more fans comment and forward more influential. Their comments need special attention. The information they recognize and reprint will bring more potential customers to the enterprise

although Weibo is a network marketing tool with great potential and recognized by many enterprises and users, the brain power of Weibo marketing planning needs a high cost. It is basically possible to get explosive effects without paying a price. Therefore, you can pay more attention to the marketing methods and current hot spots of your peers, understand the information that user groups pay attention to, organize the language, and make advertising invisible rather than tangible. Let enterprise Weibo really become an ambassador of enterprise marketing, and the problems that are difficult to solve in China can be solved

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