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Micromotor is expected to become a new economic growth point with high-speed development. Micromotor, fully known as "micromotor", refers to the motor with a diameter less than 160mm or a rated power less than 750W. Micromotors are often used in control systems or transmission mechanical loads to realize the detection, analytical calculation, amplification, execution or conversion of electromechanical signals or energy. Micro motor, full name of micro motor, refers to the motor with diameter less than 160mm or rated power less than 750W. Micromotors are often used in control systems or transmission mechanical loads to realize the detection, analytical calculation, amplification, execution or conversion of electromechanical signals or energy

there are many kinds of micro motors, which can be roughly divided into 13 categories: DC motor, AC motor, self-adjusting motor, stepping motor, resolver, shaft angle encoder, AC and DC dual-purpose motor, tachogenerator, inductosyn, linear motor, piezoelectric motor, motor unit and other special motors

brushless DC motor: it is the fastest-growing variety in the small motor industry in recent years. With the small, light and thin audio-visual products, the mute of household appliances and the increasing demand for luxury cars, the demand for brushless DC motors has increased rapidly. It replaces the brush and commutator with electronic commutation, which has the advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, long service life and convenient speed regulation. All countries have accelerated the speed of developing new products and occupied the market. Many Japanese companies have applied brushless DC motors to digital cameras, miniature tape recorders, cameras, printers, storage drives, as well as automotive air conditioners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, electric vehicles and heart pumps

linear motor: it has the advantages of simple structure, non-contact movement, low noise, high speed and precision, easy control, convenient maintenance and high reliability. With the continuous innovation of industrial automation level, the application field of linear stepping motor is more and more extensive. Major companies around the world are vigorously researching and developing new products and expanding application fields. Japanese companies such as tamakawa, Panasonic, yamazawa and servo also have linear motor products. At present, linear motors have been used in many automation equipment, such as high-speed punch, high-speed cutting machine, satellite antenna, magnetic head driver, plotter, printer, copier, scanner and electric door

high speed hydrodynamic bearing motor: in order to meet the miniaturization requirements of electronic products, the development of small motors to high speed is a technical development trend. For example, the storage density of computer peripherals has increased rapidly, and its supporting spindle brushless motor operates at a high speed of more than 8000r/min, and many small motors even operate at a high speed of more than 20000r/min. In order to ensure that small motors have low noise under high-speed operation, and that they can still operate smoothly under high-speed operation With small shaking and long service life, many Japanese companies have developed and produced high-speed hydrodynamic bearing motors. There are two kinds of hydrodynamic bearings, air and liquid. At present, the application of air-to-air bearings such as hips, ABS, as, PMMA can not contain PE material. There are many pneumatic bearings, especially suitable for DVD, HDD, CD-ROM and other spindle motors that require low noise and little shaking under high-speed operation

micro motors: micro motors are widely used in the fields of small computers, billiard machines, health care, beauty massage, toys for the elderly and children, mobile communications and so on, such as micro motors for high-end toy cars and electric toothbrushes. The demand has increased rapidly in recent years, especially the diameter of small motors is 3mm to 6mm (hollow and solid) Button motor diameter 8mm solvit polymer provides various detailed suggestions in this processing guide, and the demand for 12mm increases sharply. PC, household, elderly health massage and toys, women's bodybuilding massage, table 2 shows the test results of chemical resistance according to astmf79182. Children's intelligent toys and small household appliances also need a large number of micro motors, most of which are consumer products

subminiature motor: the medical field is the most representative field of the application of micromechanical electronic technology. Minimally invasive endoscopic diagnosis and treatment, precision microsurgical surgery machinery and micro robots all need highly dexterous and flexible subminiature motors with small volume and large enough power. Subminiature motor is the key executive and driving component of MEMS. With the continuous improvement and maturity of the manufacturing level of subminiature motor, its output and application fields are expanding, and its market potential is huge, which is expected to become a new economic growth point

sheet motor: with the development of electronic products in the direction of miniaturization, lightweight and thin, its supporting small motor also requires to develop in the direction of micro, light and thin, and the development of sheet motor has become an inevitable trend. The principle of sheet motor is not much different from that of traditional DC motor. Many companies in Japan have produced sheet motors due to the "constant force value" "There are no quantitative indicators for the conditions, and they have been widely used in soft, hard, optical disk drives, walkmans, tape recorders, video recorders, video cameras, digital cameras, mobile communications and micro medical equipment.

micromotors integrate high-tech industries with multiple disciplines, such as stepper motors, microelectronics, power electronics, computers, automatic control, precision machinery, new materials, etc., especially electronic technology and new material technology The application has promoted the technological progress of micro and special motors

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