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Microblogging is running wild why microblogging e-commerce is going lonely

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core tip: microblogging has no longer regarded simple e-commerce diversion as an important profit model, but based on its own attributes, microblogging can stabilize the segmentation of user groups and get more segmentation accuracy of advertising revenue

[China Packaging News] Weibo no longer takes the simple e-commerce diversion as an important profit model, but based on the attributes of Weibo itself, it can stabilize the segmentation of user groups and obtain advertising revenue with more segmentation accuracy

Weibo Sina Weibo e-commerce

during the honeymoon period of the cooperation between Taobao and Weibo, Xiaohong, a Taobao shopkeeper who often brushes Weibo, became the first batch of certified shopkeepers

in the first month after getting the certification, sharing new products on Weibo has become an indispensable action for Xiaohong every day. Before that, she drew a circle of buyers in the form of paying attention to collection stores with prizes, but the use did not seem obvious: in this industry, it is much more important to attract new users than to focus on old users

Weibo customer service told her that after authentication, your fans will become your potential users; Of course, you can also pay. In this way, the whole Weibo people are likely to buy your things

Xiao Hong's excitement didn't last long. After more than a year, Xiao Hong gave up completely. She told Tencent that at the beginning, the big cake drawn by Weibo and Taobao did not really change from hope to reality. "In the first month, there was indeed an increase in background data, with a small range, but there was indeed, and it would not be seen later."

not only that, as long as you don't buy pink, the number of fans of Xiaohong will "Shua Shua" drop, which makes Xiaohong, who is addicted to pink, like a knife

Xiaohong's disappointment with Weibo e-commerce is not alone. In fact, from the official perspective, the "Weibo e-commerce" jointly launched by Weibo and Alibaba last year has long been silent. Instead, it is red Economy: the trading volume of Taobao stores of Weibo fans is rising, and now it has become an important way for red, big V, and medium V to realize

and this is far from the life of ordinary Taobao shopkeepers - "how can we get up at five or six o'clock every day to deliver goods, sleep less than five or six hours, and have to dress up to go live to be popular?"

maybe Weibo e-commerce has no relationship with them

a performance dedicated to Alibaba by Weibo e-commerce

dates back to July 2015. At that time, Weibo announced at a wechat e-commerce summit that it would cooperate with third-party partners such as Alibaba and wechat to build an interest oriented mobile social e-commerce platform. It is quite interesting that at this summit, Weibo CEO Wang Gaofeng even shouted the slogan "please forget that you are a social product" in order to show your determination to become a Weibo e-commerce

the scene of the 2015 wechat e-commerce summit

the background of this event is Alibaba's continuous blood transfusion of Weibo since April 2013. After taking 18% of the shares of Weibo, Alibaba has led the diversion cooperation between Weibo and Taobao, and the access of Alipay to Weibo. Finally, this series of actions jointly point to the "Weibo e-commerce" strategy. Weibo is also naturally included in Alibaba's diversion strategy, and has achieved preliminary commercialization through Alibaba

for a time, Taobao shopkeepers began to occupy Weibo, and the information flow of ordinary users began to be dominated by all kinds of advertisements. Some paid advertisements have a wider distribution range and presentation frequency, and users have repeatedly delayed

Weibo's reputation seems to be declining synchronously. An ordinary user of Weibo told Tencent technology that with the sharp increase in the number of advertisements and marketing numbers, he felt that Weibo had changed a lot since 2013, "friends around him have turned a lot", Weibo has become a place to watch and follow stars, and the social component is getting weaker and weaker

and the "Weibo e-commerce" that is constantly being overweight is about to become the last straw for the main machine to use the advanced DSCC ⑴ all digital closed-loop control system to control and measure over the "Camel"

an employee who has been in contact with the microblog e-commerce project "micro window" inside the microblog told Tencent technology that the launch of the micro window should be the most bizarre period within the microblog in the past two years. "Many middle and senior managers are also clearly aware of the negative effects of doing microblog e-commerce, but the external reasons for starting the microblog are relatively large, and it is not easy for it to be painted on the substrate. It is a decision made by two senior managers."

in December of that year, Weibo took advantage of the popularity to hold another Weibo e-commerce event. At this grand ceremony, Weibo announced that the number of Weibo window users exceeded one million, the number of Weibo payment users exceeded 48million, and more than 10000 people signed up for Weibo e-commerce. The data looks bright, but people didn't expect that this became the last centralized appearance of Weibo e-commerce

but in the opinion of the above Weibo employees, there has long been a consensus within the "performance" that "although there has been a lot of external movement, Weibo has been very stingy in its investment in Weibo e-commerce projects, and has not really done a good job in the minimum human resources"

this situation did not last long, and the biggest change came from the change in the relationship between Alibaba and Weibo

in the Q1 financial report this year, Weibo confirmed to terminate the three-year strategic cooperation with Alibaba. At this time, the proportion of revenue brought by Alibaba to Weibo has fallen to 9.3%, and the amount of $11.1 million is even lower than the value-added service revenue of Weibo itself; By Q2 this year, this figure was 8.7% and US $12.8 million respectively, and the proportion of revenue continued to decline

a comparable figure is that when Q4 Weibo made its first profit in 2013, Alibaba's revenue for Weibo was $28.5 million, accounting for 40% of the total revenue

the above Weibo employees told Tencent that almost at the same time of the termination of the cooperation, the Weibo e-commerce project was finally taken from the main strategic planning. Weibo e-commerce projects have not been offline, and some Weibo e-commerce companies are still busy updating day and night, constantly interacting with buyers; But as the main part of Alibaba's revenue to Weibo, its revenue share in Weibo is not surprisingly declining steadily until one day in the future, which may be completely irrelevant

the new "Weibo e-commerce"

no longer carries the dreams of ordinary people

even so, it still cannot erase the support brought by Alibaba's stake in Weibo when it was the most difficult in 2013

in fact, many of the previous expansion and attempts of Weibo in the vertical field and red economy have the shadow of Alibaba; The problem is that the e-commerce gene brought by Alibaba and the social and media attributes of Weibo are not smoothly integrated as expected, and even become an obstacle for the latter to explore business to some extent

this difference is directly reflected in the profit model that both parties hope to establish

for Alibaba, wechat e-commerce ultimately wants to face ordinary users, and Weibo, as a platform and diversion party, directly gets a share from the revenue of e-commerce; In contrast, Weibo prefers the advertising marketing that it is good at. After more and more resources are tilted to the previously expanded vertical field users and red users, Weibo will take a share from these users, rather than directly linked to the revenue of e-commerce

obviously, the latter is much closer to the media and social attributes of Weibo. From the relevant data, the tendency of microblog users to media information is also obvious:

in this situation, e-commerce information is likely to become the interference of users if it is not highly targeted

in the new strategy, Weibo no longer takes the simple e-commerce diversion as an important profit model, but based on the attributes of Weibo itself, it can stabilize the segmentation of user groups and obtain advertising revenue with more segmentation accuracy

and this is closely related to the changes of users in the microblog segment. Take the widely existing group of Duanzi players on Weibo as an example, these Duanzi players have already formed a corporate cluster. An insider told Tencent technology that this kind of company cluster is also divided into two types, one is the collection of more big V, and the other is the self-cultivation mode. Most of them are Chinese v, but they are very dominant in terms of quantity and coverage of subdivisions. According to previous reports, three domestic companies belonging to the above two models have occupied more than half of the market through the development in recent years, and the process is becoming more and more mature

no matter which mode it is, on the one hand, this kind of medium V and large V have formed a strong dependence on Weibo. On the other hand, these large V and medium V cover a large number of users and segments, and the user base is also quite stable

not only that, in terms of specific operation strategies, Weibo has also begun to tilt from the previous star class big V to the general big V and the industry class middle v. This is undoubtedly an important benefit from the official besides the spontaneous upgrading of the microblog community for the segmented core users such as duanzishou and Hong

it should be noted that in this process, medium V and large V will also realize cash by promoting Taobao store on Weibo. However, in this process, Weibo e-commerce is no longer a separate strategy, but a part of the red economy - how much money red gets from selling goods on Weibo has nothing to do with Weibo

in this mode, live broadcast is the next breakthrough - at present, Weibo has jointly launched a live broadcast with technology. From the perspective of actual operation, a live broadcast is also deliberately tilting resources towards anchors such as China V and big v. In this process, the mild social attribute of Weibo itself shows its advantages: whether it's watching the mutual sharing between users, or the host's direct publicity and interaction on the Weibo platform, these social initiatives will bring stronger user stickiness to a live broadcast

as the back end of the red economy, e-commerce will also be further benefited. However, this new e-commerce model has become increasingly far away from ordinary Taobao shopkeepers

this change is undoubtedly of great benefit to Weibo. Behind the refined operation of Weibo, Weibo takes the initiative to fade the heavy social attribute and embrace the change of thinking of light social and media attributes. This is also the characteristic that Weibo has gradually stabilized, consciously or unconsciously, in the seven years since its establishment: the two attributes check and balance each other, making Weibo find a unique positioning

in this heavy media and mild social positioning, Weibo does not need to compete with any competitive products, and is almost invincible. The e-commerce model, which could not be successfully settled and seemed out of place, has now found a more appropriate position in it

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