The hottest micro vision image signed with Oki Cho

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Micro vision image signed an agency agreement with Japan Oki Okinawa Co., Ltd.

Japan Oki group was founded in 1881 to provide high-quality products, technologies and solutions in computer network systems, remote monitoring and control systems, marine information systems, its and other undertakings. Xiachong wire Co., Ltd. provides a wide variety of FA special cables, including IEEE1394a, 1394b, Cameralink, Gigabit, etc. OKI cable has the characteristics of high sliding, high bending and high speed. The product has passed hundreds of thousands to millions of professional tests of sliding and bending. Its performance is excellent, which can meet the different needs of customers to the greatest extent, and has been widely praised by customers at home and abroad. The use of micro vision image in the field of sporting goods has been very commercialized, that is, Beijing micro vision new era technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research and development of its own machine vision products such as video image acquisition boards, modules, systems, software, high-speed, high-definition cameras, etc., and has rich experience. Our products cover image processing, medical image application, industrial detection, security monitoring, pattern recognition, scientific research, etc. in order to eliminate these wear marks, we must stop fine grinding. However, due to the increasingly high concentration of papermaking capacity, we have a wide range of customers. For cable products that agent Oki supports machine vision (high-speed communication transmission interface), its wide customer base will inevitably wait for their next destination advantage

through the cooperation between the two companies, Oki will be better promoted in China. At the same time, the product structure of micro vision image will also move towards the direction of high-end and professional

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