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The micro and special motor industry calls for "national heroes"

the industry faces multiple challenges

compared with developed countries, the gap between China's micro and special motor industry as a whole is obvious, and there are problems such as low product grade and technical level, small market share, small production scale, and low degree of production automation. With the acceleration of global economic integration, this industry will encounter more challenges

some enterprises may be eliminated. After China further opens its market, foreign capital will receive "national treatment", all kinds of preferential policies for state-owned enterprises in the past in terms of Taxation, investment, export subsidies and so on will be gradually abolished, and state-owned enterprises will face the risk of elimination due to widespread institutional and institutional obstacles, heavy historical burdens, high product costs and low competitiveness

the high-end micro and special motor products independently designed and produced by China will be seriously impacted. There is a big gap between China's high-tech products of micro and special motors and developed countries in terms of production scale, production cost, product quality, technical level, management level and market share. The low tax entry of foreign high-end micro and special motor products will have a great impact on China's market share in this field

low and medium-sized products are also facing impact. As foreign manufacturers move more factories and design and development centers to China and establish a more efficient distribution network, their product competitiveness is further improved by virtue of their global cargo flow and lower prices. In addition to the obvious advantages of high-end products, foreign manufacturers, among them, low-end products will also have an impact on Chinese products

talent competition is more intense. A large number of foreign-funded enterprises employ talents with high salaries, cooperate with universities, carry out basic pre research, and some also set up universities. These practices are all for the purpose of competing for talents. Talent competition will have a huge impact on the industry

the government should create conditions for the development of private enterprises

private economy plays a very important role in China's economic development. In terms of micro and special motor industry, private micro and special motor enterprises have become the leading and pillar of national industry, playing a role in supporting the strategic adjustment of the state-owned economic structure. At the same time, they are also a new force to resist and restrict foreign capital, participate in the competition of foreign companies and safeguard national interests

from the current situation, the external business environment faced by private enterprises has not actually changed, and they are still unfairly treated in terms of financing channels, market access, and continue to suffer some non operational losses. The government should create a good environment for the development of enterprises and provide conditions for the development of private enterprises in terms of property rights, market access, financing channels and so on

at present, there are many gaps between Chinese private micro and special motor enterprises and foreign famous micro and special motor companies in terms of production scale, product quality, technical level, management level, etc. in order to enable private enterprises to quickly occupy domestic and foreign markets, they must increase capital investment and carry out secondary Entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is suggested that the government should relax the credit and listing financing policies of private enterprises. In addition, the government can adopt preferential policies to promote and promote the utilization of idle equipment in state-owned enterprises. Private enterprises are in urgent need of advanced equipment and are unable to purchase it. It is suggested that the government formulate a policy of leasing idle equipment or transfer it to private enterprises in the form of discounted installment payment, which is beneficial to both sides; The government should also formulate preferential policies to promote cooperation and joint ventures between universities and research institutes and private enterprises, so as to improve the development capacity of private enterprises. The government may also consider drawing a certain proportion of the tax revenue of private enterprises as funds to encourage the combination of production, learning and research

the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait should strengthen exchanges and cooperation

in recent years, the micro and special motor industry in Taiwan has made great progress, and its products have developed from brush motor to brushless spindle motor, precision stepping motor, precision servo motor, etc. its manufacturing equipment and testing instruments for micro and special motors also have a very high level; There are also quite a few micro electric companies in Hong Kong, including the internationally famous Dechang Electric Co., Ltd., which has a strong strength, with an annual output value of nearly 800 million US dollars. The mainland has the advantages of talents and labor force, and has a relatively complete industrial system. If we can give full play to the respective advantages of the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, jointly develop products and expand markets, it will certainly promote the development of China's national micro motor industry. Relevant government departments should deliberately guide and promote the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to carry out deeper exchanges, mutual visits and negotiations, and promote mutual understanding and trust

cultivate large enterprises with international competitiveness

the core competitiveness determines the success or failure of enterprise competition. It can be said that without a group of large enterprises with international competitiveness, there will be no initiative to participate in the competition; Without the general enhancement of the core competitiveness of enterprises, the competitive advantage cannot develop continuously

at present, only Dechang Motor Co., Ltd. is large in China's micro and special motor industry, and a considerable number of enterprises are small in scale, so they are in a weak position in international competition. With the continuous emergence of strong alliances among large foreign enterprises, their competitive advantages will be more obvious. In the context of economic globalization, if an enterprise wants to become a large group with international competitiveness, it is limited to rely solely on its own downstream packaging industry, which can be driven by the express industry. It should be based on the global allocation of resources, especially to strengthen the cooperation with the trans national vehicle air health department (such as Marlboro, Sanyo, Panasonic, etc.), and introduce foreign capital, technology and management, Promote the development of China's micro and special motor industry with external forces

adjust the product structure and improve the sub product level

China is a large manufacturer of micro and special motors, but the products with real high technical content are still produced by foreign enterprises. Therefore, China's micro and special motor industry should strengthen efforts to adjust the product structure and improve the product grade, so as to expand the market share

in order to improve the quality of products, we must pay close attention to the technological transformation of enterprises, especially the private enterprises, which shoulder the heavy responsibility, should increase investment. High grade micro and special motor products are technology intensive and high investment products, which must have precise processing equipment and advanced testing instruments. The parts and raw materials used are also required to be of good quality and consistency. Enterprises can take various forms, such as hiring foreign experts as consultants, introducing foreign intelligence, improving the ability of development and innovation, constantly launching new products with rapidly changing intellectual property rights, improving the grade of products and improving the ability to meet market demand; To have a sales team with the concept of economic globalization, in addition to consolidating the existing domestic market, we should dare to target the user market of domestic sole proprietorship and joint ventures, and intensify efforts to compete for this market that was occupied by foreign counterparts in the past. We should take the initiative to participate in foreign exhibitions and carry out marketing and trade activities, and expand the popularity and influence of crawler cranes, such as 1600 tons and 2000 tons

going abroad to set up enterprises

China's micro and special motor industry should not only implement the "Introduction" strategy, but also dare to "go abroad". "Going out" is an important way to gradually form China's own large enterprises and multinational corporations. Micro and special motor enterprises should learn from home appliance enterprises, dare to set up enterprises abroad, and dare to compete with foreign-funded enterprises. "Going out" to run enterprises is convenient for understanding market information and developing and producing products needed locally; Facilitate the introduction of excellent professionals from the host country; Facilitate the use of local resources; Easy to occupy the local market

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