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China has become the largest export market of Malaysia. Mustafa Mohammed, Minister of international trade and industry of Malaysia, said on the 9th that China became the largest export market of Malaysia for the first time in 2011

Muhammad said that Hytrel, Zytel and Surlyn materials have been widely used in all walks of life. Last year, Malaysia's exports to China increased by 13.9%. The main export products include chemical products, rubber products, electronic products, processed food and petroleum products. At the same time, China is also Malaysia's largest source of imported goods

Mohammed said he was optimistic about the prospects of bilateral trade between Malaysia and China. He said that Malaysia will strengthen investment attraction and attract more Chinese investment

he told that the government appointed Huang Jiade, the former president of the Malaysian Chinese Association, who had held several cabinet positions, as the special envoy for Chinese affairs to strengthen economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. This year, the Malaysian government is also preparing to send more than 50 trade delegations to China to introduce Malaysia to Chinese investors

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