There is a mother class in Chongqing Mobile 10086

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Chongqing Mobile 10086 call center has a "mother class"

handsome boy mother Tang Renkang: let the deaf and dumb people also warm

as a member of Chongqing Mobile 10086 mother class, Tang Renkang is a little special because he is a handsome boy. Tang Renkang said that in addition to him, there were three men in his mother's class, so he never felt a little uncomfortable. Although I am not a mother, I am as serious and responsible as these mother colleagues around me at work

Tang Renkang said that he joined the big family of Chongqing Mobile 10086 when he started working in 2005. In the past two years, it served users through voice. Now it is mainly responsible for the service of mobile business hall, mainly replying to some problems and business inquiries encountered by users through text. At the same time, he is also responsible for the sales business consultation of mobile Shangshang mall

such work seems quite ordinary, but Tang Renkang said that he would gain too much from these ordinary things. Once there was a deaf mute who gave me a new understanding of my work

Tang Renkang said that it was an afternoon two years ago. When he was doing mobile mall service, he met a Mr. Huang, who sent a message saying that he wanted to buy one suitable for the elderly. I am a deaf mute and want to buy this one as a birthday present for my mother. I went to many stores and couldn't find the right one. Please help me recommend it

Mr. Huang's request made Tang Renkang suddenly moved. We all hope our parents are happy. Especially for a deaf mute, his intention makes me feel warm. Later, Xiao Tang recommended several large font, large button and high volume models to Mr. Huang, and he explained the advantages and disadvantages of various models very clearly. After Mr. Huang chose what to buy, I found that his mother's birthday was the day after tomorrow. According to the normal delivery process, he may not receive a gift from his son on his mother's birthday

therefore, Tang Renkang specially reflected this situation to the relevant departments. The next day, Mr. Huang received a birthday gift he was going to give to his mother. Later, Xiao Tang received a message from Mr. Huang: Thank you, thank you for everything you have done for me. You have created the right to communicate with others for us deaf mutes. My mother likes this gift very much, giving roses and leaving fragrance in her hands. Tang said that such a move made him cherish and love his work

hello. I am the customer service representative of Chongqing Mobile 10086,

among the more than 2000 staff of Chongqing Mobile 10086 customer service center, there is a mother class. Their team has won many awards, such as the National Service Star team of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the star team of the group company; Their services have been unanimously recognized by Chongqing Mobile customers for many years. Today, we take you close to these lovely mother stars and listen to their unforgettable experiences and moving stories in service work

monitor's mother Jiao Jie: you are happier if you have grievances

just look at the name, you will think you should be a resolute man. Jiao Jie, sitting in front of him, is a young mother who is not yet 30 years old. Jiao Jie said that although she is the monitor of her mother's class, she is really not her mother in life

Jiao Jie made a lot of introductions to the three colleagues around her with the economic development, population expansion, social aging and the enhancement of health care awareness. She knew everyone's personality, work characteristics and even habits like the palm of her hand. Our work has been relatively mature abroad, but it is still in the development stage at home. Some users will inevitably misunderstand our working ability and working method, so only by constantly learning and enriching themselves can we do everything well

she said that his work over the years has earned him a lot of thanks and understanding from users, as well as some sad grievances to grow with her. It was about the Spring Festival twoorthree years ago, when I was picking up the VIP of 10086. When on duty on New Year's Eve, a customer called 10086 and said that his was shut down. At that time, the gentleman didn't listen to the explanation at all, and kept swearing

according to the service requirements of 10086, if the user swears and other situations involving personal attacks during the dialing service, the wiring service personnel can directly connect the cervical artificial intervertebral disc m6-c and lumbar artificial intervertebral disc m6-l. But Jiao Jie said, I thought it was the Chinese new year, and the other party was also a VIP customer, so I have been listening to that user scold for nearly seven or eight minutes

later, Jiao Jie endured the grievance and explained the reason for the shutdown for the user. When he hung up, he didn't forget to say happy new year to you! Jiao Jie said that he still cried after hanging up. We should thank these grievances and sorrows, so that we can do better in our own posts, and also let us gain so much happiness in helping others

intellectual mother Xie Xiaoju: transposition thinking is very important

with short hair, it looks quite capable. Xie Xiaoju said that she joined the service team of Chongqing Mobile 10086 in 2004 and became a member of her mother's class three years later. Now, the child is almost five years old

talking about her work experience and feelings, Xie Xiaoju said most about the influence and care of Chongqing Mobile 10086 mother class. After giving birth to a child in 2007, I entered the mother's class. At that time, I was confused in all aspects of work ability, psychology and life. I benefited a lot from the care of my colleagues, the perfect training system and various sharing and exchange meetings within the team. Self growth and improvement is an important guarantee for me to do a good job in customer service

eight years of customer service experience has made Xie Xiaoju more sophisticated and mature. She said that it is very important to think in a peaceful way. Each of us is a consumer product. Different products will also lead to a certain difference between universal material testing machines. We also hope that every penny of our money can be spent clearly. Therefore, for each customer's questions and puzzles, I can help them easily solve these pimples

Xie Xiaoju said that last month, a mobile user who came to Chongqing from other places impressed him deeply. At that time, the gentleman called 10086 to ask how to replenish his card. Because he is a non local user, according to the requirements, Jinan trial fund can not accept the supplementary card business in the face of national investment promotion. At that time, he was very anxious to hear about this man. He said that he had lost it and needed to contact his family and unit in time. Hearing the anxious voice on the microphone, I immediately contacted the local China mobile service staff of that gentleman and got his card in the shortest time

although it is also a small matter, Xie Xiaoju said that it is these ordinary small things that make her feel special and happy in her job

Weibo mother chenzhihua: service is doing details

Chen Zhihua's child is only two years old this year. Her daily work is responsible for the content maintenance and complaint handling of Chongqing Mobile's 10086 official Weibo, as well as the customer consultation and opinion collection in Chongqing Mobile's official service area for the people

the job of brushing Weibo seems fun, but Chen Zhihua said that the Weibo she plays can't tolerate any carelessness. Many customers are used to complaining on Weibo, such as finding that there is a problem with their phone bill, poor network, and so on. Whenever I find these posts, I will contact and communicate with users at the first time, and strive to give customers the most satisfactory solutions in the fastest time

Chen Zhihua said that just a few days ago, a user complained on Weibo that he felt that his phone bill had been deducted too much, but he did not know the specific reason. Chen Zhihua then contacted the customer through a private message on Weibo. After many communications, he finally gave me the number. After careful inquiry, Chen Zhihua found that the user's smart download some applications, and the long background operation led to a large increase in traffic

after explaining his traffic details, I also suggested downloading anti-virus software, recommending the use of traffic overlay packages, and introducing him to common smart skills. Later, the user also sent a special microblog to thank us. In fact, similar things happen almost every day, sometimes many times a day. It is commendable that like other members of the mother's class, Chen Zhihua has been doing every detail of the service for years to make customers feel satisfied from the bottom of their hearts. Such mothers are cute and more respectable

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