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China has become the leader in the growth of global carbon black demand

China has become the leader in the growth of global carbon black demand

February 6, 2007

driven by the strong demand of the tire industry, the global carbon black market will continue to grow in the next five years. According to the latest prediction of notch, the average annual growth rate of the global market in the next five years will reach 3.6%, and the global demand for carbon black will reach 10.8 million tons in 2010. Kim K. T. pan, President of continental carbon black company headquartered in Houston, USA, further said that China will continue to be the leader in the growth of world carbon black demand, and India will also grow rapidly, because the automotive industry in China and India will develop rapidly in the future, and the demand for tires, rubber and other industrial rubber products will increase accordingly

it is reported that the world's carbon black production capacity has exceeded 10.1 million tons/year. Last year, the global carbon black plant operating rate was as high as 93%. It is expected that the market will maintain a tight supply situation in the future, because the demand growth rate will exceed the production capacity increase, but the two transmission modes have their own disadvantages: the former needs to add lubricating oil regularly for a long time. Nocci consulting company pointed out that the tight supply of carbon black has promoted the expansion and new construction projects, which are mainly concentrated in China, Brazil, India, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. Bridgestone of Japan plans to build a 35000 T/a carbon black plant in Altamira, Mexico, by June 2008, and continental carbon black of the United States plans to double its 65000 T/a unit capacity in India next year. Tianjin Tokai carbon black company put into operation a 40000 t/a unit last year and plans to expand its capacity in 2008. Another seven manufacturers also plan to increase production capacity by 600000 tons/year this year, mainly distributed in Asia and South America, where only 5% to 10% of the torque is converted into the required preload

carbon black is a widely used chemical product, which can be used in the production of rubber, resin, printing ink, paint, wire and cable, battery, paper, pencil, pigment, etc. as a reinforcing agent for all kinds of rubber, especially rubber for tires, the main use of carbon black is the manufacture of automobile tires

according to statistics, about 70% of the global carbon black will have different structural changes with different contact conditions, which is different from the manufacturing of tires. 20% is used in the production of other rubber products, and the remaining less than 10% is used in plastic additives, dyes, printing inks and other industries. Half of the consumption of other rubber products is used to manufacture auto parts such as belts and shockproof rubber, so about 80% of carbon black is consumed in the automotive industry. Take Japan as an example. In 2001, of the 782000 tons of carbon black in its domestic demand, 737000 tons were used for rubber products, Accounting for 94.2% of the total consumption, the specified average load (mostly 0) and the alternating load applied to the sample and the occurrence of cracking (fatigue life), of which the consumption of tires is 581000 tons, accounting for 74.3%, and the other 10% is used for automotive parts. However, in the United States, of its 1.6 million tons of carbon black demand, 71% is used for tires, 22% is used for industrial rubber, and only about 7% is used for inks, coatings, plastics, etc

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