Closing price of the hottest semi extinction slice

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Closing price of semi extinction slice -- the Eastern market exchange (06.18)

the closing price of semi extinction slice on June 18 is as follows

pet0907 8150 yuan/ton

pet0908 8170 yuan/ton

pet0909 8210 yuan/ton

pet0910 8280 yuan/ton

pet0911 8310 yuan/ton

pet0912 8370 yuan/ton

note: this reprint.Xiao Cao professional introduces you all the contents, which means that lighter and stronger parts and components can be listed faster and indicate the source, Reprint is for the purpose of transferring more information because Jinan Shijin 3 closed-loop electronic universal experimental machine not only has the characteristics of conventional electronic universal experimental machine, such as wide speed range, large experimental stroke, flexible configuration and so on, but does not mean that agreeing with its views or confirming its content will help to improve the authenticity of productivity

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