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We should use cloud computing, but we should not put all our eggs in the same basket

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recently, some cloud providers have been down, which has a serious impact on thousands of enterprises in the United States, which makes many chief information officers and chief technology officers start to think hard about their cloud strategies

specifically, they began to examine the risks associated with maintaining only a single service provider in the entire cloud environment, including vulnerabilities in internal systems. This is very similar to the method used by network engineers for a long time: when realizing the interconnection of data centers, ensure the diversification of routes and carriers. The demand for forced draft fans from the automotive and power industries increases

as a minimum requirement, enterprise technology leaders should face up to the possibility of diversified cloud strategy. Simply put, avoid putting all your eggs (it) in one basket (cloud provider). By using two or more cloud services, enterprises can avoid data loss and downtime caused by the failure of any single component in hardware, software, storage, network or other fields. The recent widespread downtime in the United States is caused by the failure of storage components

in addition to reducing the risk of downtime, the diversified cloud strategy also helps to avoid vendor lock-in and adopt different platforms and infrastructures, thereby improving it performance

in addition, it can also strengthen software vulnerability protection. The application stack can be independent of the organization's cloud infrastructure. In this way, it can not only reduce the commitment level of a single supplier, but also establish customer operability, so as to realize the rapid migration of workload

so, how should we proceed? I suggest you start small, but at the same time, you should formulate corresponding strategies for areas such as governance, applications and data, as well as platforms and infrastructure. Through the second cloud provider, we can realize the deployment and workload that may become a pioneer. The cloud provider should not only have rich industry expertise, but also have first-class technical NBR or PVC strength. You should also be familiar with the implementation of the strategy, and be ready to make timely adjustments if necessary (1) after solid solution and two-stage aging treatment at different temperatures

in addition, diversified cloud management tools can help you meet the challenges of deploying multiple cloud environments. These tools help you configure, equip, and deploy your development environment, and integrate service management through a single self-service interface

if the desperate approach can be avoided, it leaders can improve the controllability of different cloud services. They can select the products, services or platforms that best meet the needs of each process or business unit, and then integrate these services to avoid the problems caused by a single provider in trouble

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